Find information in specific websites:

Find information in specific websites:
Want to find information on a particular website? Many times, the built-in search feature in websites is not very helpful. If you want to find the site: site address in Google.
Example: If you want to find all the information about the iPhone in website, then search for it by typing in the iphone site:

Find a specific topic:
You can use quotes if you want to find information about specific topics. For example, if you search by Amazon Echo review, Google will show you 37 million results. And if you search for "Amazon Echo review" then it will show you more than 1,28,000 results.

Topic specification:
Think you want to find jaguar car. If you search only by jaguar then you will see Jaguar's animal related links / pictures. That's why you have to specify the car. In that case, search by jaguar -car.