Some excellent fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and disease free

Today I talk about an importance of some fruits and vegetables. Those some excellent fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and disease free. So now read this importance of those fruits and vegetables.

The purple pomegranate has a natural sugar in the trunk, which reduces diabetes. In keeping with the immune resistance, the mother maintains sugar.

Due to potassium, it is good to control blood pressure. Panvel is very unique to keep the skin bright and refreshing. Potassium Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Stuffed water, keeps the hair good.

Patal green vegetables contain a good amount of fiber that helps food digestion. It also helps to solve gastrointestinal problems and solve problems related to the liver.

Juice of juice:
As it is onion bactericidal, it helps to prevent dandruff. That's why these home remedies can be great work for those who want to be saved forever from Dandrop.

Tomato is resistant to cancer. It strengthens the heart. Strengthens the neck. Soothes the disease. Reducing the pills. Do not accumulate stones in the kidney. Reduce weight. Reduces the pain.

According to the doctors, the liver is good every day while eating Amloki. All the contaminated things out of the body are gone. Due to dust-smoke, our body's harmful effects will be reduced.

There are strong types of three types of natural sugar in the collar, these are; The natural sugar of fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Will keep your blood sugar intact and give you the necessary energy for a day.

Pectin fiber in the plateau helps in reducing hunger. Eat warm water with lemon in the camel. Lemon water helps to choose which food to eat all day, and not to eat it.

Cabbage contains plenty of Folate and Vitamin C, which can prevent diabetes. In addition, there are some components in it that can prevent prostate, lungs, gallbladder, stomach, kidney, and colorectal cancer.

There is a capacin in the lancer, which increases blood circulation through the nucleus of the mucous membrane. This results in cold, headache, sinus, etc. due to cold.


Watermelon helps reduce weight. Whether it is hot or in winter, lemon spreads if you can eat watermelon juice, then you can reduce the sweetener. However, you will have to eat regularly.