About the top level black hat hackers all around the world

Today I will tell you about the best black hat hackers around the world. Since we know about Hacker so first thing to know about Hacking Hackers.

What is hacking:

Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or computer network without any valid permission. Those hackers are hackers. You know almost all of these words. We all know hacking just hacking any website and hacking ideas of many people means hacking just computer or computer network,

what is it? Not really. There may be many types of hacking. If you use your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, different electronics and digital devices without the legal permission, then it may be hacked. Hackers usually hack the errors of these electronics devices by hacking them.

Who is the hacker:

The person who practices a hacking is called a hacker. They know all the information including system structure, operation, how it works, which will be hacking the system. Before the computer was not so prevalent, the hacker was hacking the phone. Calling on the phone was called Phreaker and the process is called Phreaking. They used to hack various telecommunication systems and use it for their own needs.
There are three kinds of the hacker.

White hat hacker: A security system explains the errors and the security mechanism of the security system is promptly error. Now the security system can be a computer, a computer network, a website, a software etc.

Grey hat hacker: Grey hat hacker is a two-faced snake. Explain why I am saying this now. When they remove errors in a security system, they will act like their mind. He will do what he wants at that time. If he wishes, the security mechanism of the security system can cause flaws or could see or destroy information and damage. Again it can be used for its own interests.

Black hat hacker: And the most dangerous hacker is the Blackhat hacker. When they find out the errors of a security system, they quickly use that error for their own sake. That system is broken. Different viruses spread. In the future, the way he can enter himself again in the future. Above all, the sub-system under which system tries to access it.