If you forget Smartphone pattern lock what to do?

Nowadays mobile companies are giving us the new technology in the hands. We easily get important information on mobile. Mobile security arrangements had already been made for these all the necessary information that could not be handled by anyone else. But since the coming of the smartphone, the security system has been much more difficult. We can keep our password on the phone as we wish. Well, what if you ever forget that password?

The modernization of the world has become as modern as the method of crime. Criminals are finding new ways every day to offend crime. Information Technology is also being improved every day to prevent crime. Before the mobile phone, we used to give the password by name or number. But the technology has changed. Changed password type Pattern lock arrived at the place You know only your pattern lock. But if it ever happens that the pattern disappears. Cannot remember trying too hard. What did you think of doing?

If you forget the pattern lock, you can open it in this way-
1) Switch off your phone first.
2) Now press the volume button, power button and home screen button simultaneously.
3) Now you will see 5 options on the screen.
i) Reboot data.                  ii) Wipe data/factory reset.
iii) Install update              iv) Power down.           v) Advance option.
4) Now choose among the 5 options wipe data/factory reset option. Then press yes. But before selecting yes, remember that all the data before your phone will be deleted. So always keep a back-up, so that if any of the important data is lost in such situations, then it will not be lost.

5) Now your phone will be restarted automatically. After the restart, you can use your phone again as before. And you can lock the new pattern.