The world's most expensive bicycle is worth 32 lakhs Bugatti bicycle

The world's most expensive bicycle is worth 32 lakhs Bugatti bicycle

Bugatti companies are currently at the forefront of comparing other companies to build luxury vehicles. Bugatti has enough fame to make cars. Now, with the creation of improved cars, as well as the bicycle innovation has won the mind of many buyers.
We all love to ride a bicycle, a bicycle can walk miles after miles. But this bicycle travel can be as well as luxurious, who understands or understands that, the famous French car maker Bugatti. They brought the new feature bicycle to the market, its price about 32 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency.

We know the sky price of the Bugatti company's cars. They also want to connect to the bicycle ride experience in a new way. The bike was named after the company's superbike.

Looking at the bike, the reason for its attractiveness is understandable. There is another matter in its appearance. The designs of such eyes are not as dazzling as they are, and like the five bicycles, there are not even metallic structures. But from the company, it is being said that not only the visionaries but the real specialty of superbikes can be 

understood by the 'idealists'. There are no super-bike juries in the light. It's the world's lightest bike. It weighs only 11 pounds, that is, five kilograms. Because the bike is extra light because it is made of reinforced carbon Reinforced carbon is the material with which parts of the airplanes are made. Where the chain is fitted on the normal bicycle, the SuperBike has a rubber belt. These belts also play a helpful role in the speed of the bicycle.

Although Bugatti SuperBike is currently available in selected colors, at the end of 2017, 667 will be seen in different stained colors, Bugatti has said.